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A Wedding Investment That Can Last A Lifetime McCamish, DDS, MS, president of the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO). Even if an individual has a complex problem, we have the ability to quickly improve the appearance of the smile and correct issues beneath the surface as treatment continues. Clear aligners and braces made with ceramic brackets are practically invisible and these are popular options for adults. Other people dont even realize you are in treatment, says Dr. McCamish. Many orthodontists offer extended hours to accommodate adult patients work schedules, and the time between visits is now longer than it used to beusually six weeks, due to improved treatment protocols. Thats good news for working people. More good news is how quickly patients begin to see an improvement in their smile. Surprising Statistic One in four patients is now an adult. The AAO attributes the rise in adult orthodontics to the improved self-esteem that comes with orthodontic treatment. Patients tell us their social lives improve after treatment, and we can see the changes that happen as people just smile more often and with more self-confidence. Affordability of treatment is a frequent question and theres good news there, too. Orthodontists are one of the few healthcare professionals that offer payment plans, which can make payments quite manageable. Its about the cost of a cell phone plan but lasts a lot longer, notes Dr.

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