New Insights In Choosing Important Aspects Of Wedding Registry

yesterday Your friends e-mail addresses (comma separated):* Subject:* Are you human?* You must enter the characters with black color that stand out from the other characters CROSSVILLE, Ill. Mementoes of a southern Illinois couple's wedding and engagement have been found nearly 50 miles away after a tornado tore their home from its foundation. A bag containing an engagement picture, wedding day invitations and a bride's garter was whisked from Charlie and Kim Jacobs' home in Crossville, Illinois, when the tornado hit around 10 p.m. on Feb. 28. The bag was later found intact on Tracy Vinson's farm in Hazleton, Indiana, according to WFIE-TV ( ). "I was like, 'I gotta find these people,'" Vinson told the television station. "This might be the one thing they have left from their home." She posted photos on Facebook and was able to track the couple down about 90 minutes later, thanks to dozens of comments and the post being shared. "I was like, in tears, and I haven't even met these people yet," Vinson said. "I could imagine, if it happened to me, I would definitely want someone to." Charlie and Kim Jacobs say they're amazed the photos and other mementoes traveled so far.

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